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Just for Fun Airsoft (JFFA) was organized in 2008 by a bunch of airsoft enthusiasts/nuts around the principle people should be able to play the sport and have fun.  You do not have to joint a group or team, spend a lot of money on a particular load out (unless you want to), or meet certain criteria to  play.

If you focus more on fun than KD ratios and winning, we may be the group for you.  All we ask is that you read our ROE's before attending a game.  On game day, follow the rules, call your shots, have good sportsmanship.


Big Boy and Girl Rules Apply

  • You are responsible for yourself, your gear and your behavior.  

  • You are expected to read, understand and follow the ROE's.  You will be held accountable as if you have.

  • Safety is priority #1.  If you see anything unsafe (like someone not wearing eyepro or a rattlesnake) in game play or the field act immediately. 

  • Arrive on time at meet ups for games or be expected to be left behind.  We do not give out locations of our fields to minimize potential problems. DO NOT ASK US TO GIVE THEM OUT. 

  • Treat everyone with respect and act with good sportsmanship.  If you mess up own it.  Apologize and try to do better.

  • Never get your guns out in public (meet ups, at a fast-food restaurant after the game, etc.)

NEW RULES FOR HPA GUNS: For safety reasons we limit this type of guns to 23 rounds per second and those guns shoot at DMR/sniper fps are limited to one shot per second.